Add a Widgetized Footer to Your WordPress Theme

I found a nice tutorial on how to add widgets to the footer of a theme. Widget aren’t just for the sidebar anymore.

Widgetize This

Widgets aren’t just for the side bar anymore. I found this article what talks about new possibly positions for widgets.

Widgetize This.

Check out our own blog for widgets positioned in the footer.

Plugin Management Page

I found a small wordpress widget tutorial that gives you an idea of where the information widget gets displayed in the plugin management page. Sometimes it’s not that intuitive where your widget information will be displayed so this should help you figure it out.

WordPress Tutorial – Working with the Text Widget and the Media Library.

Here’s is one way to add an image to the text widget. The text widget is a great way to create a simple custom widget that does not require any PHP code.

WordPress Step by Step Tutorial Step 16 – Working with the Text Widget and the Media Library..

Adding WordPress Widgets

Here’s a little tutorial on wordpress widgets.

Customize The Look of Your Widget

You might want to customize the look of your new WordPress widget or any widget for that matter you can find a cool tutorial on the new StudioPress Site.